Hi, a pleasure.

Hello! My name is Manu, I want to thank you for receiving me. I would like to find forex strategies courses.


Hello @Manugok34 ~ :smiley: Welcome welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here. :smiley: We have lots of nice and helpful people here so I’m sure you’ll learn so much from them too. :blush:

Welcome @Manugok34 there are lots of helpful people on here that can help you with all you need :slight_smile:

Hello Manu! I don’t know any forex strategy courses but you’ll find different trading strategies from traders here in the forums. :wink:

Welcome to babypips, Manu. Agree with the others. There are a lot of people here who will be willing to help you out with looking for a forex strategy. As for the course, maybe you can start with the school of pips. :slight_smile:

Hi there Manu just wondering how your finding it?