Hi all, binary option trader here!

I’ve never posted around here, so I thought about introducing myself.

I am a pretty market-minded guy, been around forex for many years. Lost many years around the MetaTrader 4 platform, learned all the jazz about it and tried to find my holy grail. After a short while, I realized there was no holy grail, though I attempted arbitrage and wrote about it on my former TheEconomist’s Forex Arbitrage Blog on the Vamist forum.

Then I put my trust in MT5’s MQL5 language, and launched Mqlmagazine. The effort was pretty tremendous, and in mid 2010 was already hitting some platform limits and halted development.

I’ve always been attracted by Binary Options. I was at the point of starting years ago. But, when I was near, they removed the products I was thinking to use. This year I started to trade binaries with another broker, it went fine, and then it went wrong and I lost my account (but it was just a small fraction of total money made). Alas, I made money (and pretty lots of them for the size of my initial account). For the first time. And it all changed. I know it’s possible, and I know why I loved them.

Then I began writing my website, TheBinaryStandard. I’m trying to raise traders’ awareness about the binaries, because this is the only way to get better treatment from the brokers. The entire realm of binaries is full of lies and deception, that are somehow embedded in the products themselves ; the only breakthrus happen when some broker decides to make a better product. But instead of lying in wait, we can just tell them straight what we want from them, because it’s our money. Binary options could become great if the platforms and products would match our trading needs. They don’t know these trading needs, nor they are looking to find them. Visit my site, read the standard, and get picky! Perhaps then we might have a chance to influence them and get what we need, platforms to trade on, not to bet on, powerful exotics like the institutional class ones. Because their trading is getting better and better, platforms offer more and more products and hedging vehicles, even SEF facilities, while we have been reduced to gamblers…