Hi all I am new here and I wish to be successful in this market

Hi all My name is Dozie I am 35 years old from Nigeria and an orphan.
I have tried so many jobs in the past to earn a living (basically to feed and pay my bills).
But things have not been easy and when I thought I have got something good to do to change my life it proves not to work as I anticipated. I have dreams of becoming financially sufficient and stable but it’s difficult to achieve that with little or no money. Life has not really been pleasant and that is why I decided to join forex the moment I got the information. And I hope and pray it will be life changing moment for me.

Welcome to Babypips and educate yourself.

Hello and welcome. Make a good trading strategy in this market to make money.

Please I have been trying to look around to know how I can get started. Could you help me guide me through the site?

Thanks so much Fxonfire. But please could you help give me a guideline on how I can navigate this site?

Start from here [Welcome Babypips](https://forums.babypips.com/t/welcome-to-babypips-com-forex-trading-forum/606445 just follow this link.