Hi, all im new member here

i’m start demo forex trading in 2011 with UMOFX from NZ but this broker not any regulated, my real trading in 2013 and stop trading in 2016 and XM is my last broker. come 2021 im start back forex trading.

My experience in forex trading is still weak,
I hope to increase my knowledge and experience from members here.

the funniest thing and the feeling to cry is when remembering this. how to invest 100USD with an entry of 1lot

Welcome to babypips.
Besides reading the forum to gain knowledge from members, you may wish to also study the reading materials here at babypips. These can be found at Learn Forex Trading at School of Pipsology - BabyPips.com.

school is really important , this is only the way to acquire basic knowledge and experience . happy trading and be knowledgeable.

hi and welcome . happy trading

Personally I am not too worried about regulation of a broker. In fact, here in Australia, regulated brokers suck as you can only get 1:30 leverage on forex pairs. Hence, many of us look for off-shore alternatives. 3 years in and I am fine.

Welcome to the community, @OasisTimur. Did you go through the education section here? You may also take a refresher course since it’s been a long time. Good luck on your fx trading journey.