Hi All I'm new: Simple Trend Following

Hi All

My name is James and I’m a forex trend follower.

I live in south africa durban. I have been trading for the past 5 years and blown two accounts. At one stage I quit trading and thought that I will never have a positive account until I developed a system called simple trend following.

I join Babypips today just to share what I have discovered.

Thank you

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Welcome James.

A lot of people are going to try to put you off trend-following - it used to work, trends end as soon as they’re visible, the banks set these things up as a trap for traders etc. etc… Don’t let them put you off - but don’t get ever married to a trend either.

Hi Tommor

Thank you for your reply. yes I have heard that trend following has died but my question is when? I can send you a back test starting 2013 ending this year. Just to show that trend following works. People say markets have changed, I tend to disagree.

Why is that the most successful traders are trend followers and I never heard of a successful scalper or day trader.

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