Hi all in babypips

Hi everyone,
im John from the channel Islands. I have joined babypips Because i am just staring out on my trading venture. I am 1 1/2 months into a trading course so i am hoping to find people at the same level as me.

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Hi John.
My name is Jase. I am Australian and am learning the way of Forex myself. I haven’t started a demo yet because I’m still navigating my way through the School of Pipsology.

Hi Jase,
Thanks for the reply, Looks like we are in the same boat mate im a month and a half into a forex trading course it makes my head spin at times, i have never done anything like this before i work in the building trade so its all very new. But im enjoying the challange and determind to get to a confident level of trading within the next 6 months. If there is anything i can help you with just shout man.

cheers for now.


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Hello, This is ArmandoWaters. Welcome this board.

Hi, I am New in this forum.

Hello Jase, welcome. Make sure you stay away from _bob, he is a mate of yours from down under, a real “Bludger” hahahahahaha, I just said something in Australian. Let the Banning begin.

The Ever Shouting Out To _bob VIPER

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