Hi all. Newbie here

Hi all I’m steve. Iv had a live account with a broker for 3 weeks approx now. I’m a complete newbie. Looking to get advice/help, share experiences and the obvious one gain more knowledge to increase my account balance :slight_smile:
I’m not doing too bad so far. Think iv done 30 trades, lost 2. 1 of them was an accident pressing buttons on the site and setting s/l wrong.
Probably %75 were opened on the advice of the broker the rest was me

Look forward to speaking with you all.

Happy trading


Sounds like a scam to me. Close your account and learn to trade. Best of luck.

Hi TheGadgetMan. I don’t want to discourage you but why are you trading on a live account if you are a complete newbie?

Welcome Steve! What’s your learning experience before opening a live account?

Welcome to the community, Steve. Good luck on your fx trading journey.