Hi All. The beginning of my forex journey!

Hello!! I’m Ethan and I just started to learn about forex. I have been in other investments for a while and was always curious on how those investments made their profits, so here I am now. I have also tried my hand at trading in the forex market through signals, but I feel like my knowledge on this is far too low which brought me here. My goal is to be able to trade alone and to make a reasonable amount of profit to live comfortably.

I’ll be in your care!

Focus on learning and let any rewards, if aby, take care of themselves. There’s no short cut to success.

Scrap signals and shortcuts. All a distraction from the work at hand of learning the skill. Focus on that and the rest will come with time.

Hello to all,im a newbie to forex trading and i hope to have a wonderful partnership with my brokers and go far with my forex journey

Honestly signals aren’t the best, it’s worth learning how to trade for yourself.

Have a look at the Education tab on this site, YouTube is helpful too.