Hi all

…I’m new in this forum. I register hoping to improve my skill in FX. I’m a fundamental analyst, Corporate Finance consultant working and living in Italy. I never tried to trade, mostly because of scaring. Help me to learn.
Regards from Naples (IT)

Welcome to babypips. This is mostly technical traders here so i will definitely be interested in a professionals fundamental analysis. I am personally trying to integrate that into my own trading style. See you around the forums. Good luck

I’d second that, there are a number of strong technical traders on here, whereas fundamentals are more of a dark art to many (myself included!), so will be interesting to read your contributions as you find your feet, so welcome. There’s scope on here to discuss pretty much any aspect of currency trading.

Naples is lovely, too, I’m very jealous!!


Thanks a lot for Naples. See you in the forum

Welcome Mufasa to Babypips,

I look forward to sharing fundamental outlooks, your position in the industry shows you are very knowledgeable in this area.
Always in the mood to learn.


Hay there! Nice to meet newbie like you. :slight_smile: