Hi all,

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to forex and like to learn more about it and eventually make some school fees out of it. I’m currently a student in Melbourne, Australia. Anyone willing to give me a starter lesson or anything to lead me in a way or two?


Have you looked at the school section in this website?
If you have, then go and have a look at the sticky thread in Newbie Island called “what every new and or aspiring trader wants to know” by Innercircletrader.
Enjoy your journey

Alrighty, thanks mate!

Blow up an account, that is the best lesson you will ever get, sorry but this the Jungle, the school of hard knocks, you can be anything, you can be the most stupid person but still can make some money but you must be mentally prepared to receive one punch after another.

All ready to receive any kind of knocking dude! Been there done that!