Hi Everybody I am new here


I am Mev P (that is Mrs P). I am a Financial Accountant by day and a aspiring FX trader. At work we trade with foreign currency and have very little knowledge. I am hoping to broaden my knowledge while making a little extra cash :wink:

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Hello and Welcome to the forum! Itโ€™s a great community here, check out all the sections whenever you have time, something to learn from everywhere.

Good Luck with your Journey!

Just focus on this and let any rewards take care of themselves. There is no short cut.

I would think you have an advantage over the rest of us. You probably already know about sound money management along with risk and reward. This puts you head and shoulders (no pun intended) above most retail traders. I bet you are going to do really well in your trading journey.

However, as tempting as it will be to focus on fundamental analysis, I would advise learning price action trading instead. Also, it is best to ditch the indicators and learn to trade price action patterns. Later, if you want to add moving averages, fractals, or Fibonacci, you will at least have a solid basis for your analysis. If I would have gone straight to price action first, I would have shaved about three years off my education by not focusing on all those lagging indicators, in hindsight.

Now, as a day trader, I only use candlesticks, thatโ€™s it. if you follow my posts, you will see that I use no indicators, not even a moving average. Only raw price action will give what you are looking for on the charts. Everything else will just confuse you.

All the best, and keep us posted on your progress.