Hi everybody!

My name is Mr. M. I joined Babypips.com a couple of weeks ago, And I must say i’m enjoying studying at the school of pipsology :)! I new to forex But not an entire noob to trading.
The schoo is helping me to get up to speed fast And in a fun way!!
I’ve been investing in stock since 2010, And have done good.

I’m enjoying trading on forex, on my demo account for now.

Since I’ve always had an intrest in investing And trading I’m lookin to become a professional trader in the near future.

Im using MT4 as my platform, any other advise about software And tools is always welcome.

Best Regards,

Mr. M.

Hey, Mr M, good to know you are in. Im new to the site too but not new to trading, I introduce to you, the price action trading techniques. please follow that path

Nice avatar !!

match with babypips.com theme :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=“spidypips;479422”]Nice avatar !!

match with babypips.com theme ^__^[/QUOTE]

Thanks, that’s what I was aiming for :slight_smile:

Welcome to the babypips mate. Don’t follow so many tools or systems at once. For now try to be an expert on Mt4. It is a very good and popular trading platform .

Hi WilliamD,

thanks for the welcome,

Do you know anything about the NinjaTrader platform and the supported Brokers?
on their website they list some brokers but mine isn’t in it,
you think I can still use NT then?

Which broker are you using?

[QUOTE=“Thrax;479567”]Which broker are you using?[/QUOTE]

My broker is Ava Fx

No it is not supported, unfortunately.

You could use a demo account though with CQG/AMP Clearing.