Hi everyone :) a new, new bee is here

This is Ophelia and i am pretty new here, i joined here because a friend told me that this community is very helpful and friendly. I wish we can learn a lot and enjoy our time together.

Welcome to the forum!

Thank you Kyrkar. you are my first comment here :slight_smile: and I think I already love you :smiley:

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Hello Ophelia,
Your friend is right, this forum is really good and you can share your questions, many will help you and you will learn a lot.

I am really excited and happy to be here.

you can learn a lot here, welcome.

thanks, so sweet of you.happy to have your comment.

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Hi and welcome in BP community :slight_smile:

Welcome! Have you started the school section here? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately i am too lazy lol havent started yet

Welcome to the community, Ophelia. You’ve come to the right place. Folks around here are helpful and friendly. You’ll enjoy it here.

Interesting. But you’re currently trading though right? :slight_smile:

On demo account, yes.

Hey Ophelia! Welcome! Your friend was absolutely right! This community is filled with helpful and friendly folks who are always willing to lend a hand and share their knowledge. Enjoy your time here!

That’s awesome. How long have you been demo trading? Do you have plans of going live this year? :slight_smile:

Welcome to the family brother :blush: I suggest you stop wasting your time on the demo and start learn before you can start trading on the demo
Love from Nigeria :heartpulse:

:joy:do you mean setting up for an antimic To blow his account :joy: