Hi Everyone, Francis here!

Hi Everyone! Excited to be here and to start this journey. I am Mutua from Kenya and new to Forex and trading. My goal is to learn a new skill and turn it into something worthwhile for me and my family. I hope to interact and learn from you all.

Hello, Hope you have a great trading journey ahead

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Thank you!

Welcome Mutua! :blush: I hope forex eventually helps you in providing or your family. :blush: I’ll be cheering for you. Good luuuck! :smiley:

Welcome to the community, Mutua. Start with the BabyPips school. It’s the best place to learn for beginners. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

Welcome to BabyPips! I would say that you have chosen the right platform to enhance your skills.

Forex trading has always been a dream come true to me. I started my journey at 18 and I have plans of retiring by the time I get 35. I hope trading forex full-time turns out to be a profitable decision for me.