Hi everyone I’m going on an adventure

I’m John I’m an electrician from Texas, my buddy mike who I’ve known for about 5 years or so has been trying to get me into trading for the last few years but I’ve been hesitant so here I am my goal is to be able to make extra money so that I can afford to buy a larger home for my wife and I to raise a family in

Welcome aboard. If you start learning here on this great education site with a money making mindset, you will fail and blow your account instead.

That is the reality.
That is the reality.
That is the reality.

I am also interested as to why your buddy should want you to trade. That’s for you to decide, because while it is simple, it’s never easy. And ignore social media marketing hype, it’s mostly fantasy land whatever they tell you.

Well he has told me that it would be a great opportunity for myself and a valuable skill to learn also I know it will take time to learn just as any other skill and even longer to get good at which is why my goal is long term not short term

Best of luck, then.

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extra side money???

you are confused my friend, thats like saying im going to become an nba player as a side hustle.

No I’m still going to keep my job that I love and still work every day at it so trading will be a skill I use part time once I learn it well enough what is hard to understand about that

ok fine you win