Hi Everyone, I'm Marquis

My name is Marquis. I am from Lagos.
Hoping to learn a lot from you guys in my quest to become a great forex trader.


excellent, sounds great that you want to be a good trader , its a long term process so keep patience and try to learn with regular practice. thats all

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baby pips school+ demo account = better knowledge and good trading for beginners level.

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Iyts great to see that your looking to absorb information before jumping right in. Hopefully you can avoid some of the mistakes.

One thing I would say is that the Forex market is big with lots of different strategies and approaches. So I would recommend deciding what your goals are and then you can figure out which strategies are right for you and you can narrow your learning instead of getting lost in the noise!

Best of Luck…When do you feel you will be ready to trade live ?

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Hey there I’m Martin from Accra Ghana, your thoughts was all true👍keep it up

Welcome to Babypips, Marquis! You’ll find friendly and helpful traders here. I wish you well on your trading journey!