Hi Everyone... looking to learn and grow to escape the "rat race"

Hi Everyone,

I’ve dabbled in trading before, read books and lost money.

I’m here to learn and start looking at generating a second, profitable income with the hopes of getting out of the rat race.

Looking forward to speaking and learning with you all!



Apologies for my reality response but didn’t you learn from your past mistakes? It’s clear that your mindset is one that’s a fast track to another failure.

FX trading is a highly speculative zero sum profit and loss venture. There is only one winner and one loser. for every trade you make. Income AND Expenditure.

What you need to learn is about yourself and how you react to emotional challenges that will occur on every trade. Currently, your mindset is focused on money, which needs to be reset to become detached from what’s happening to your trades.

If you want to get out of the rat race, develop a profitable method and process - and then stick with it for every trade. And turn off your computer every hour.

Best of luck a second time around.


Hi Steve369,

Thank you for your guidance, it’s much appreciated.

I did try doing FX trading a few years ago, and although I didn’t completely blow-up my account it didn’t work for me. I’m hoping that with some maturity, additional patience and learning, that I become more disciplined and successful over time.

Thank you.