Hi everyone my name is Oguntosin Festus from Lagos

My name is FESTUS from Lagos Nigeria, I actually grew up in a poor family, I went to school abit and started hustling at a tender age, just to meet up in life and everything was still zero to me, I found out about trading and I registered with a broker but at the end I lost all my money over and over again, even today I still lost a lot, am actually back to zero. I told a friend online about my situation and he introduced me to this forum.
I want to make money to sponsored my education and career. I hope to learn a lot from here.


Welcome to the forum!

hello and welcome @borsin
You are in the right place for learning. Just take a look at pipsology school and seek to learn from the experienced members.
happy trading!

First of all, there is no quick and easy way to make money trading FX. So your first aim should be to learn how not to blow your account and let rewards, if any, take care of themselves.

You will also need a journal to examine and notify what mistakes you made. Be paitient, as usually it would a mixture of overtrading, revenge trading and gambling. You will let losing trades run further than winning ones and never close early. Accept the pain, be disciplined.

Then you should develop a profitable strategy and a fixed process that you must carry out for EVERY trade. Do not deviate. Treat your trades as robots, with a positive probability of being successful. This is a key to your eventual success.

Finally you should learn how to develop a ZEN mindset which accepts what the market throws at you. Your ONLY control is your risk exposure.

Your edge is being persistent. Keep it up.
Best of luck

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start with the free lessons!


Welcome to the community, Festus. Have you gone through the education section here? Open a demo account while going through the education section. This will make your learning more comprehensive. Don’t trade live until you’re consistently profitable on demo.

I’m new to your forum, but I already like it here.
There are many interesting topics on your forum.

Welcome to the community, @TremayneN. Are you new to trading too or just new here in the community?

I am new to your community.
I am a beginner trader, but I don’t have much experience.

Welcome to the community, @TremayneN. We all start somewhere. Start with the education section here if you haven’t checked that out yet.

Hi bro am Moses Matthew from lagos Nigeria

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Welcome! So sorry to hear about your losses and it’s admirable that you’re willing to keep going. This community is all about learning and growing together. There are experienced traders here who are always willing to lend a hand and share their knowledge. good luck!

Welcome! Are you also new to trading?

Welcome to the community, Moses. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

I personally welcome you on board ma G! Keep is simple and be flexible with whatever things you learn and experience, they influence your trading journey.
Best of luck.

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@borsin! Hope you’re still around here somewhere! :slight_smile: