Hi Everyone Out There

Hi All. I’m here to learn, RobtW


Hello and welcome. Here’s the best place to learn



Hello and Welcome Rob!
Glad you’ve joined this forum. It’s really a great place to learn about forex trading.

Thank you @AmithFx333 , That seems really well thought course.


hi and welcome , have you finished any kind of basic level of trading ? if not i think its more appropriate to trade in a demo including pips school. thank you

i know this is the best place for learning Forex in a proper way but learning can be useless if you dont know how to manage money on there.

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money management is really important i know but have a very simple question there is any difference between money and risk management ?

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Hi! @PeterBorren

Isn’t there lessons on Money management at Learning section? Sorry if it’s dumb, I just started and didn’t look through all of it.

I would really love to know this too. :thinking:

Sure, but most importantly one needs to have a basic understanding before anything. Money management could be learned when you’re trading in a demo account. But to do so you really need the basics. School of Pipsology provides the best materials for that.

But yeah. When trading with real money, Money management comes a top priority.

Hello, welcome to Babypips. This is one of the best places on the internet for learning Forex trading. All the best

i am Cowessess Nuka, i am here to some thoughts with you all i hope you like