Hi Everyone :)


I’m Jake (as the username suggests!) Been trying to make money online for ages now using many different schemes (cashback sites, swoopo (stay away!), ebooks on ebay, giveaway sites etc. etc.) and have eventually found myself here.

I’ve gone through the school and am pretty sure now that as well as knowing the main themes, I know just how massive the amount of knowledge is thats required to make some money. Feel like a clownfish in the Pacific. Having said that, it’s clear that working hard produces results.

Well I’m gonna follow the advice and demo trade and backtest for six months or so. Whilst I’m anxious that this may look as though I’ve given up already and asked for help, could any of you recommend a great broker for me to start with? I’ve downloaded the GFT and IBFX software, and they both seem pretty good (but damn complicated!).

Any ideas? I need a micro account (do they have demo micros?), not java (internet connection good but IE is weirded out on this comp) and user friendly. Guess that you will all say something different, but all suggestions are welcome.

And that’s about it I guess. See you around!

JTP :slight_smile:

Hi Jakethepeg and welcome to this amazing website! I guess we’ve all been in your situation once.

Since it takes time to learn and to trade, you better love what you do! It’s ok to do it for the money but it’s better if you really have passion for it. I’m sure you’ll find it.

I personally use Gft platform for my analysys and believe me it’s one of the friendliest platforms ever! You just have to get used to it.

You can use also MT4 but I find it a little bit more complicated than dealbook.

Anyway I’ve been studying for one year so far and I tried several methods, some worth the time spent on them, some are crap but you learn from all of them.

You should take a look at the threads in here so you have more opportunity to find your way in being a succesful trader.


BTW I’m sure that you’ll find the following thread very useful.


First, I think it’s excellent the way you go about- studying and asking questions instead of just diving in to a LIVE account and losing all your money! So congrats.
I’ve stumbled upon Alpari (systematic), they support Micro accounts and they are automated- meaning you can trade for yourself and also check out strategies which this platform offers. They offer both MT4 on your home desktop and the same account is supported on the web (through a web client) so you can connect anywhere without installing the actual MT4 station on all computers…
About the pros and cons of using auto-traders you can find so many threads in this forum :slight_smile:
But with brokers i think it’s mostly trail&error, try to avoid brokers with bad reputations, obviously, but each broker has it’s ups and downs and its somewhat personal taste and experience which one works for you…
hope this is helpful!

Thank You both :slight_smile: I’ll keep looking around the forums, and start trying out GFT and Alpari

JTP :slight_smile: