Hi everyone!

I’m morewords from sunny Portland, Oregon! I recently started trading as a hobby for investment purposes and am excited at the possibilities. After a rocky start with a few long term trades that left me static for a period I developed a “scalping” strategy that has been working well for me. My problem now is finding software that will alert me to promising setups that meet my criteria. If anyone knows of a program or service that can report a pip change for a currency pair over a preset duration of time I would really appreciate it! Also, if it is inexpensive or free that would be terrific (I’m not a pro yet!)

Thanks everyone. Happy pipping! :smiley:

Good morning morewords and welcome to the BabyPips.com community! Glad to hear you’re doing well now… just curious, how did you keep track of your scalping trades? In a journal?

My trades are tracked by MetaTrader 4 and FXDD also emails me a copy of my trades each day which I archive for my records.

I would like to trade more frequently but I’m still searching for a chart alert system that is granular enough for me to configure the setups I like to trade. I think a twenty percent return over three and a half months isn’t bad for a forex noob.