Hi everyone

I’m in Manchester England, I came to this site after trawling the internet to help me get into FX trading.

There are so many different opinions and systems that cost a fortune, and then don’t work, that I don’t know where to start.

I trade indices at the moment but I want to expand. I just want good honest advice, not to much to ask for you would think but from my experience up to know it would seem so!

Anyhow it looks like I’ve finally found the best place to be and I look forward to my new education.

Bye for now.

Greetings Janet1 and welcome to the forum community! Currencies can be more volatile depending on the time frames you’re trading, but if you trade indices, then the analysis and risk management skills you’ve developed there should transfer well to forex. And just like index trading, it is a skill to manage risk in the markets, and skill does take time to develop and to learn the nuances of a new market. Good luck and hope to hear more from ya!