Hi Everyone

Hi everyone. I am from CA. I really do not have so much about FOREX but I would really wan to learn base on people’s first hand experiences and not entirely from books. I have been doing some reading on this forum for days and I have finally registered.

Hello I m new here too

Is there any serious learning things here… ???

Theres a section here under the tab SCHOOL, its got everything you will ever need to know, all free.
Spend a month or 2 studying there, read the forum posts and open a demo account when you know a bit so you can get used to the trading platforms

Hello and welcome to our forex community! As eddieb suggested, go through our School of Pipsology for the forex basics (School of Pipsology | Learn Forex Trading) or read the blogs (Forex Blog Updates: FX Currency Trading News, Tips & Education Blogs) for trade ideas or first-hand experiences of the FX-men. See you around!

Hi everyone am Ayo by name from Nigeria,i really don’t have deep knowledge about forex and am hoping to get that here.

Hello! Yep, you could get some serious learning going on in our School of Pipsology but let me warn you that we try to crack corny jokes every now and then to make the learning process more fun!

Hi Everyone! It is great to be here :slight_smile: I have over 6 yers experience but now I’m looking for new strategies ideas.

Wow, great to have an experienced trader right here in our forex community! What kind of trading strategies do you currently use?

Hello Ayo, welcome to our forex community! I would suggest you drop by our School of Pipsology to learn about forex: School of Pipsology | Learn Forex Trading