Hi From England

Hi all,

I live in Luton right now, i have been studying forex trading on youtube - watching peoples systems of trading.

I enrolled on the forex web software, and to be honest i am finding it hard to marry up the really nice charts that i find on these top traders systems videos and what im seeing on my 10 inch netbook screen!

I was going to post a question about opinions on the best software out there, i like the one that this guy james chen used on his videos.

But then i read the sticky about newbies and the comment around “what is the best basketball to use” if you are starting to play basketball. I am a guitarist and know that its best to start on a tough guitar with high action because later on when you go get your serious guitar its all the easier to play well and you have stregnthened your hands on the poorly made one.

What is everyones opinion on this; is software important to the newbie? Someone mentioned trade station to me and its £250 a month price tag - I’m quite single minded and i like to think that i can cram for the next month to get ready to go live. Any advice i can get will be greatly appreciated.