Hi from London. I’m a beginner

Hey everyone. I’m Maz from London UK. Beginner trader , trading with Avatrade and signed up to their affiliate program. Looking to build my knowledge and ofcourse pip count. At my level , can anyone recommend how I can start reading the markets , doing all technical analysis etc so that I can better predict my outcomes for profit. Thanks.

This is what I’ve achieved so far from a £350 account in 2 weeks. Any advise would be great

#1- charge your phone :wink: lol
#2- keep the leverage down (good so far)
#3- keep up the pace-- keep trading and you’ll find a strategy that fits your natural way of thinking, schedule, funding, etc etc
#4- expect to blow a few accounts along the way. Don’t get angry, think about lost money as tuition to the markets. EVERYONE pays it.

Burn this in your brain- THE NAME OF THE GAME IS LONGEVITY. Trying to double your account each day/week/month is not impossible, but highly improbable.

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Beware beginners luck, when i started I made six trades on a Friday night, because I didn’t understand the trading platform, 5 of them ended up being 50p, I knew I’d made a mistake but being end of day trades the market closed out on me, to compound the matter it was a bank holiday on the Monday.
I sweated not only the weekend but an extra day, luckily as it was all the trades came in, my account shot up by over £350, how easy this trading is.
From there not only did I learn about leverage, account management, risk, I learnt how little I knew and how close I was to disaster.
And no it didn’t get better straight away, it actually went backwards for a few months.
I did steady the ship eventually and have moved forward, lots of toil and a little sweat at times.

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Hi and welcome,
As an American peer manager once said to me “Hey boy, you better stop trying to fix that problem”.

Joking aside, well done on your first trades, and I hope they are good omens for the future. As Xocai02E has advised, beware beginners luck. I was so glad that my own trading started with very slowly increasing losses (another joke). Last time I seriously traded I managed to document an “edge” of minus two percent per month over 9 months". That was against a target of 6% per month. I ceased and closed the account exactly 270 days after starting because that is what my plan said to do.

Start at the start of the School of Pipsology and take the quizzes. You will find answers to over 90% of your questions within the education material. But don’t let that stop you asking anyway - go at a speed you are comfortable with.