Hi from Lummers


I am tired of working a job with a wage. I want a way to make money which is limitless.
At the moment I am looking into several things.

Anyone know any other ways of making money such as:

Stock Exchange



There are so many ways to earn money. But I strongly recommend you to choose only one at a time. These things are risky & not even easy. You need get get good knowledge and experience prior to start with these things.

If you are here to learn forex trading start with the babypips school. Hopefully you can get some good knowledge there.

nice to meet you here


I know I would have to specialise in something but it would be useful to know what options there are to specialise in!
Much like picking a musical instrument, it’s nice to know what is available before you make your choice.


well, i definitely haven’t heard of this “forex” thing you’ve mentioned, but blackjack sounds like a great opportunity! property is ALWAYS low-risk (witness 2005-2012), and i think poker is starting to come into the limelight so you should start seeing some tournaments on TV in the next 2-3 years.

there’s other avenues worth looking into. embezzlement, prostitution, forgery, organized crime / racketeering, etc. those have all been well-documented over the past 100 or so years, so you should have some good groundwork to launch a career from.

Why even bother posting pointless sarcasm?

cuz it’s fun, and you’re on a forex site asking about making money by playing poker or blackjack in a very wet-behind-the-ears sort of way.

I love Blackjack. I have even won at tournaments in the casino. I love to play it a tournaments. It help me a LOT with my trading skills. How? Money management. Tournaments are very structured so I have to come with a plan. I totally recommend it. Poker is also great.give it a try. And for stocks, start with Penny Stocks, is pretty similar to Forex. Good Luck!:60:

I personally love Poker and Blackjack :53: but I only play them at casino on a fun outing to Macau :32:

Since we’re here in Babypips, Forex is definitely the no.1 choice to make some extra income. Otherwise, find a better full time job. Changing job is the fastest way to earn extra living because annual increment is just too low.

I appreciate the fact I’m appearing naive on a Forex site…
And the fact I will lose money when I start out trying to ‘make money’ !

I merely wondered if any people trading forex had knowledge about other areas of money-making…

Aceman: Thanks, although changing jobs is not an option for me right now :slight_smile:

well, i’ll tell you what - i’ve traded stocks, had a full-time job, and then traded forex while having a full-time job. it’s difficult to balance them, and just because forex is a 24hour market doesn’t mean you can trade it at 6pm NYC time. if you’re in the USA, then you can trade a bit of forex in the early early morning - and i do mean early! like wake up at 4am, trade until 7am or so, and see how that goes.

at some point in time, you will have to make a firm choice - stay in your current job and have only 2-3 hours to trade forex in the wee early hours of the morning, or quit your job and go forex full time. or quit and go stocks full time.

and if changing jobs is not an option RIGHT NOW, then when IS it an option? and are you 100% set to change jobs when it DOES become an option? like, is it going to be an option in 24 months from today? or is it just kinda fuzzy ‘somewhere out there in the future possibly maybe dunno’?

i’ve quit my full-time job about 1.5 years ago to do forex full-time. as of late, i am back working part-time but it’s in the family business because the time is coming to pass it along from one generation to another.

Thankyou, this helps.

I cannot see myself changing jobs any time in the [I]near[/I] future. I work at the bottom rung of a big retail (customer services) firm. I am just out of university - but decided against using my degree as it is not the right career for me. I wanted to stay in the city I studied to gain independence so I took that job.

My plan is to work my way to the top of this company through promotions, gaining management and business experience.
Ultimately the dream is to be a session musician, so on the side of work I am involved in many music projects…
(If I succeeded in this I would obviously quit my job.)

The problem is living costs are expensive and so is keeping up-to-date musically!

It is essential for me to make more money than I have - It’s why I was asking the question, what ways can I do this?
But I am just scared of getting involved with something I cannot handle and having big losses.

This is why I want to make the right decision before I throw myself into the ‘money’ pursuit.

Note: I’m in the UK.