Hi from Piptonic

Hello guys… I am Piptonic, a 45 yr old male from dubai. I got interested in Forex a month back when I realized that Forex trading is just the tonic I needed at this stage of my life to keep on going further. I make good money in my day job but never save much. whatever i have is in saving accounts. the only time i invested was in real estate at the worst time ever in 2008 and I am still paying the mortgage at 7.75 % through my nose. I am searching for a side income which could come handy at a rainy day.

The school at babypips is fantastic and I have learned almost everything in theory and now is the time to get my feet wet in the real world. I opened several demo accounts, most of which turned to profit after a couple of tries. However I risk too much as it is a demo money and must learn to keep the risk with manageable limits once I start with real money.

I am about to begin real trading with a 10K deposit. I have zeroed in on FXCM UK as my preferred broker, just because I think that being ECN, they would be more trustworthy than a market maker. Also the amount of choices in terms of trading platforms is best with FXCM. I still have not deposited any money yet, but may do so within next week. Wish me luck and please advise if you think I am not going in right direction. I will probably begin with a social trading platform such as Zulutrade or Mirrortrade and see how it works out in the beginning.

kind regards


Hi Piptonic, welcome to BabyPips! :slight_smile:

As FXCM’s representative on this forum, I wanted to offer you my assistance. Should you ever have any questions about our platforms and services, please feel free to ask me in our Broker Aid Station: FXCM


Hi Jason, thanks for your offer for assistance. I have opened a live 10K account with FXCM UK and I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I do have a question. Can I hedge my positions by opening long and short position at same time for a currency pair? Also does FIFO apply to me?