Hi guys I’m jigero

Hi guys I’m jigero
I joined forex coz I want quick money and money for the long run

You can practice on a demo account to learn many new things about trading without any risk.

Well, man, that won’t happen. The reality is not social media marketing hype, but realising FX is simple but not easy without learning for several months how NOT TO LOSE MONEY.

Probably in one ear and out of the next, but with your mindset your odds of blowing your capital are around 90% in a few weeks.

Hmmm. :thinking: Forex isn’t really a get-rich-quick scheme. :open_mouth: it’s definitely not an overnight thing. It can take weeks, months, and even years before you become profitable. :open_mouth: Are you up for that?

Hello and welcome, forex trading can change life but for need learning. To learn effective forex trading, you should know that it takes time and efforts to be skilled. And if you are not skilled, you will lose money very easily.

honestly speaking i have never seen at any guy who joined there as a newcomer and earned money very rapidly , but so so many traders i seen who has this mentality and ultimately lost huge amount from there. hope you got the message what i mean. thank you

i have seen the knowledge we take from demo account actually not works when trading in a live, its all about psychology , nothing without it.

Hey Jigero. make a solid strategy to survive in this market.