Hi guys, im a new trader and want to be financially free and help others

Hey guys, I’m 17 and from the UK. I found out this website a month ago and have finally decided to start my journey in becoming a successful trader. I truly want to be the best there is so I can be financially free and use the knowledge that I gain to help others for free and teach them some things that I learnt over time and with experience. If you guys have any tips or information you think would help me in my journey I’d really appreciate it. hope you guys have an amazing day or night.


hi, trading is long hard journey, prepare to it. You can start from the BP education section. Regards Greg

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Welcome, Shigga.

I’m 46 and from California. I joined babypips two years ago. The School of Pipsology and the forums are a great place to learn.

I think the most important thing you need to figure out is if you’re cut out to be a trader and if forex trading is right for you. Completing the School of Pipsology can help you do that as long as you’re honest with yourself and put in the work to study.

I hope you have an amazing time here in babypips.

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Hello there! Start by learning the basics of trading and practice with a demo account to get the hang of it without risking real money. Develop a solid trading plan and understand the importance of risk management to protect your investments. Keep up with financial news and learn from your trading experiences, both good and bad. And remember, patience and discipline are key – don’t let emotions drive your decisions.

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Hello and welcome to the community, Shigga! How are you getting on with your trading education? Hope you’re enjoying your stay here. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Good luck and see you around!

Focus on a good job/career outside of gambling forex