Hi, here's a little about myself and how I've been spending my time during the pandemic

I have been trading for about five years now. During this pandemic, I’ve had more free time than usual and wanted to create something. So I thought others might find it interesting and inspiring if I shared all that I have learned through a site/blog. I’m hoping that anyone starting on their trading journey can learn something from all my mistakes and struggles.

Here are some of my thoughts about trading and my purpose in making a blog/site. I’ll try to keep it short:

I want to share what it means to choose this life and paint a clear picture of ‘trading’ and how it can affect one’s life. Trading is truly one of the most challenging things to learn. But, being able to challenge and better myself daily is what makes it fun for me. It’s a journey of self-discovery and self-development as a trader and as a human being. You will get to know yourself well. My purpose is to be as transparent as possible and help anyone understand what it means to be a trader. It’s not easy and never will be. It’s a daily and continuous grind. But it can’t be a mindless grind. There has to be a purpose, a proper learning curve/development system, or more harm than good will be done. It’s important to develop consistency and good trading habits at the beginning of your trading career. These are the kind of topics I want to shine a light on and much more.

For anyone who finds this interesting, this is the name of the site: inotfancy and it’s .com! - yes, I know it’s a weird name, but I’m so bad at naming things.

At the moment, I have only a few posts, but I plan to post daily/weekly. And if you have any feedback, constructive criticism, or topics that I should consider, I would be happy to hear them here [Removed for Forums violation] Thank you so much for your time, and have a nice day! :slight_smile:


Hello, I like the name Elhajen, where are you from?

Thank you, I like your Nachos name as well! I’m from Denmark :slight_smile:

I am glad that you are here. Just take it seriously and you can achieve great heights in the market.

Great stuff, thanks for sharing.