Hi, I am a newbie here

Hello Everyone, I’m a newbie here! I am a university student in the UK, my course is Digital Media Production, so I know absolutely nothing about Forex. For now, I am just interested in learning about it.
Stay safe :slight_smile:

Discipline impact mostly at trader’s decision making. Lack of discipline can hamper your perfect trading plan.

I’m new too! Definitely look at the school of Pipsology, best place to start :+1:

Hello Beatriz, you’re at the right place to learn about forex. Just click on the green education button and you’re set to go. Spending a few months learning would help you know all about the currency pairs- majors, minor, and exotics and whether scalping, day trading or swing trading would suit you and your trading style. All the best!

Forex trading has surely gained a lot of popularity during the pandemic and probably that’s the reason I have come across so many newbies. Looks like people got time to think about building their futures with forex trading and that’s great. Since you have also chosen forex trading as your career, make sure that you don’t leave any stone unturned.