Hi, I am new, looking for advice and things alike

How are you?
Looking for advice!

Hi and welcome to BabyPips. I am well thankyou.
Start by introducing yourself and why you joined the forum. Then let us know what kind of advise you are looking for. I am sure it is not how to participate in social networking, and has something to do with Forex, but what? :wink:

what kind of advice? how to start or which broker to choose, or you want to learn or better yet, forex signals?
you’ll find every kind of help here on babypips. just need to be informative with your posts. Good luck!

can you explain what kind of help you need actually ? feel free to ask any question you need to know , its a very friendly forum we have in online from all.

Hello and welcome to the platform. You can clear your doubts by taking the free courses on The School of Pipsology. Good luck for your forex learning journey.

Risk management, demo account practice and trading targets are all part of a successful trading plan. While having a trading plan is important, it’s also equally crucial to have the discipline to stick to and execute it. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a plan if you’re going to ignore it? So, if you have a trading plan it’s best to stick to it.

hi! Sorry for not responding! I did not realize that my title had gotten cut off, so here is my question: I am looking for advice about a guide/website/video lesson guide(something like that) that is similar to babypips(or not) for cryptocurrency(preferably) or stocks. Thanks!