Hi i have one question :)

Hi all. I am trying to find kind of strategy that i can use, and i fing this one
urrency pair: EUR/USD.
Time frame: 30 min.
Indicators: MACD (12, 26, 9), Parabolic SAR default settings (0.02, 0.2)
MY question is can i used it in 15 min. time frame or 5 min. or is only working on 30 min.
I am kind of nube of strategys so pls. help me :slight_smile:

THANKS all best REGADS : Denis :slight_smile:

Use it only on 30 Min TF. less signals will be there but good one, wont work in 5 min TF, In 15 Min its sort of like 50-50, some times it will work and sometimes wont. so stick to 30 Min TF.

Hi Panzerdeni,

Basically I’m quite sceptical when it comes to the use of indicators, but this is not the reason why I write this response.
I see that you are new to this business, so testing out indicators might be a way to get your feet wet.

My humble opinion is that you should first complete the School Of Pipsology if you haven’t already done so, then, try out some of the strategies that you can easily find here on the boards. Robopip’s blog is also a nice place to start once you have grasped the basic concepts of the school. Robopip reviews a series of strategies each month, check them out and see if some of them work for you. I think this approach is best in the beginning phases of your Forex learning, allowing you to test strategies with a thought through set of indicators instead of randomly throwing indicators at the chart.

Hope that helped at least a little! Feel free to contact me here or by PM if you wonder about something! Always glad to help!


The only way to find out is to backtest it over a long period of time (at least 10 years). Of course that is no guarantee that it will work (past performance is no guarantee of future results…etc.), but if it was profitable over a long period of time, there is a good probability that it will work going forward.

Otherwise, you are just getting people’s opinions with no hard evidence.

USD-CAD April 11 around 9:30 on my MT4

I like your approach. The UP Swing on the left & the Down swing on the right should be easy trades.

However, you will probably need to figure out how to NOT TRADE during what I have marked as the “Choppy Time”.

I don’t have a solution to that problem.