Hi, I hope am welcome to this forum

Hi guys!

I am Nedu, the admin at Valforex.com site. Although, it’s my first time at Babypips forum, i wish to make significant impact on the forum by helping newbies learn anything concerning forex trading and online investments.

I’ve spent most of my time online learning about these two general topics and i hope to teach newbies in the field what I’ve learnt so far.

If there’s anything special about this forum you would like to draw my attention to, please let me know.

Hello Nedu:

I am a newbie, just joined and thought I will say hello to you.

I have no knowledge of forex and hope to learn the trade. As a beginner please let me know where I can find the learning tools for me to enter the market. I need the basics to start with. I hope that I am not bothering you.



Why should you bother me. I was once a beginner just like you.

Although i didn’t train with babypips.com but i think they’ve got nice materials to get you started with forex trading as a beginner.
Aside that, you can also learn step by step forex trading at tradimo.
Hope this helps.

Hi there. Welcome to the community. There are so much to be read and learned here. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here in the forum. Looking forward to share ideas and tips with you about Forex trading.

Hello all! Glad to see you in our forex forum community! Do stick around and help your fellow traders out, ayt? See ya!

In your post you mentioned that you will be of some help to the newbies and that was the reason I asked for your help. As I signed in for babypips, the first post I read was yours and my first post is to you. quite a lot of learning material and a school is here to learn and I am going through the process. Please ignore my post to you…cheers

Yes. That was what i said. Is there any extra help you would like to get from me?