Hi I’m here to learn

Trying to learn what I can to become a proficient ForEx trader.

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Hi, check this website Learn How to Trade the Markets .Regards Greg

Hi ThinkingOne, enjoy your time here

Take my hat off to anyone who trys, lots of free info out there but 1st use a demo & work on the mental game as emotion is the account killer

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Hi start here. it includes the babypips course and other beginner thread. I wish you the best of luck! :+1:

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from all Forex Forum its the best and different. so of course you can think , you have chosen the right place. just focus on beginner section and learn from pips school. happy learning.

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have you finished any basic level of trading ? if not , please go through the pre school level. its the best place for beginners level.

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welcome to baby pips Forum .
good to see you. happy learning with regular practice.

as a new in Forex trading market , this thinking is emotional, and this emotion can make you greedy , its my own experience. think and study a lot about Forex.

feel free to as any question , its a most friendly community from all we have. dont hurry when learn in practically. good luck

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Don’t try learning from your mistakes too much. Try also learning from other people’s mistake. It’ll save you time, energy and money

and make sure you have a good legit broker, not the shifty ones

Welcome to the forums, @ThinkingOne! Good luck on your forex journey!