Hi I’m new here seeking for assistance

Hi I’m a new trader here being looking forward to be a profitable trader in the coming years am born and raised in and Ghana from a poor background looking forward to devote all my time to change my situation through trading

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Welcome Marc

To get you in the best possible place to become profitable you will first need to do lots and lots of education.

A good place to start and learn the basics before you move onto more advanced education is at the BabyPips School of Pipsology here:

Learn How to Trade the Markets (babypips.com)

If you complete all the lessons you should have all the basic knowledge you need to start your trading journey.

Good luck


Yes, see above post. You will have a long learning journey ahead of you, as there is no short cut to success.

Best of luck.

Having experience in trading is the best teacher because it helps you understand how the market works. Learning from experienced and professional traders is a smart move because they can share valuable insights and strategies that can make your trading journey easier and more successful. So, seeking advice from the pros can be a real game-changer in trading.

What do you trade on, perhaps you might share some ideas.

Welcome Marc.Fx! How are things going for you? Hope you’re having a great time here and good luck on your trading journey!

Welcome Marc! Remember that becoming a profitable trader takes time. Stay patient and keep up your determination to reach your goals. Best of luck on your trading journey!