Hi I’m new here

Hi I’m Christina and i am a licensed esthetician in the state of NY, I’m here because I’m ready to put my money somewhere it can grow, my goal is to live freely and not held down to a full time job working for someone else. As a big support to my family i would like to do the dream, buy my family members homes, cars, help them out without working myself to death and i believe forex is the next door i need to open. I’m new to all of this but excited to see where it takes me.

Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble, Christina, but listening and watching social media marketing hype is just fantasy land.

What I would do in your situation is to spend as much time learning the specialist skills of FX trading as you’ve achieved to become a licensed esthetician. That’s what it would take to reach your goals.

There’s no short cut.

Agreed as i said i want it to grow, i never said i was in a rush :+1:t2:

Welcome cleo1! Focus on learning and get the required skill to be a successful forex trader. Good luck and I hope you’ll achieve your goals for your family.