Hi, I need help PLEASE!

Hi, I’m new to this, can anyone help me PLEASE!
How do i get a nice clear trading screen???

Do you mean how to delete drawings and indicators?

Please be more specific.

Provide a screenshot so people can see what program you’re talking about.

Your request is as vague as the answer “click the button over there.”

Perhaps try looking up tutorials for your program. That may save you from creating a thread for each of your questions.

Have no idea what you mean, post a screenshot or let us know if its MT4,MT5 or Trading View :slight_smile:

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Do you mean a chart that gives clear entry signals?

What application are you using that has a trading screen?

Please add a screenshot of your trading screen. There are several things you need to do to get your trading environment set up. You can find instructions on how to do so on youtube also.

1.Ctrl+B if you’re on a PC (From there, select all of the objects you want deleted from the chart window).
1.Cmd+B if you’re on a mac. ( I assume) (I’m on a PC).

  1. Alternatively, (Left click on mouse while the arrow is within the main chart window then select “Objects List” from the options available).
  2. A screen will pop up showing greyed out boxes of various objects that are currently displaying on the screen.
  3. Simply check the boxes of the objects you wish to delete.
  4. Once all are selected, press the delete button, and the main chart window will erase said objects from the chart window.

Once done, do a nice twirling dance while sipping on some apple-juice.

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This thread needs a harmonica soundtrack


Zoom feature. Little tiny bits get bigger.

45 days and counting since @8jays007 asked for help.

Do you have any responses to the contributors who have tried to help you with your question?

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Probably not.

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