Hi i want learn as a beginner

Hi i want to learn as a beginner


Please am here to learn as a beginner

Then go through baby pips school of pipsology and take it slow. It’s not as hard, just takes time. In a year or 2, you’d be profitable and glad you started.

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As above, go through the content, study it and practice on Trading View and a demo account. Don’t be in a rush to trade live either. I promise you it will end in disaster and wreck your confidence.

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As the other posters have said go through the education tab here , use a demo account to practice your strategy Youtube is a good resource keep practicing and good luck :+1:

Welcome! As it’s already been mentioned, you simply need to go to the education tab. Wishing you luck on your trading journey!

One of the best ways to really learn is to explain and teach what you know to someone else.

If you can’t explain something to a five year old, you don’t truly understand it.

Similar to this is what has commonly been referred to as “rubber duck” debugging, where you talk out your issue/problem out loud, to a facsimile/rubber duck.

bro is a simple thing here just deposit 10$ and start you well got more money

First you have to decide if you want to trade or make money with a 96% probability.
For beginners, you can try your hand at investing.

We all start as beginners so you’re not alone. Just focus on learning and study. Money and the urge to make it clouds your mind when trading if you don’t have a set of rules to follow.

Hi, am new here and I want to learn how to trade forex

Hello @adeji31! Check out the School here. It’s the best place to learn the basics of forex trading. Good luck!

Hello, you are at the right place for learning the forex basics. Click on the education button on the top and start with your learning.

You’re on the right site if you want to learn. Babypips’ school of pipsology is a really good place to learn about the forex market and trading as a beginner and get started. Don’t rush, take your time to understand the matter thoroughly, and remember to practise demo trading before starting the live market.

Babypips is an amazing platform for all beginners who want to learn. I hope you learn and enjoy your time here.

It is the ideal platform for newbies to gain practical knowledge about trading from courses and discussions with experts.I’ve heard from my friends about baby pips a lot and that’s how I decided to research this by myself.

Hi there, you are at the right place for learning. You can start from the Babypips course and learn all the basics. Most of the forex traders you see here would be self taught and hope you can get there too. Good luck!