Hi, I'm a newbie.

Sending greetings to all on board.


Welcoooome @Felix73. :smiley: Good luck with your trading! :blush: If you have any questions, we have lots of nice and knowledgeable people here who are open to helping you out. :blush:

Thank you. Hope to have my dream come to reality

Welcome to the community, @Felix73! Hope you’re enjoying your stay here and good luck on your new journey!

Welcome @Felix73 , I pray that each time you face the battle field of FX, your number of victories will exceed your number of losers

Hello @Felix73! Welcome to babypips! Are you just starting out or trading already? :blush:


Welcome to this best online community. What about your trading career? Have you started it or not?

Hi all…I have a question. Opening a trade with Market Order, then setting the Stop Loss and Take Profit after in Modify is the same as doing a Buy Limit right? (Since i still struggle setting Buy Limit, specially the part i have to set “at price”. So i found entering a trade at Market Order was the way around, yet, i would like to know if that’s the same thing as setting a Buy Limit , i hope my question makes sense)