Hi! I'm another newbie!

Hi There!! My handle here is Kichaimsten, I have little trading experience other than a fantasy account trading stocks, which did fairly well until I was unable to keep paying attention to it because of a tough work schedule… I live in California, and am currently about to retire from my past profession/work. I am learning about the FX market, and trading strategies… Hoping to pick up a few ideas about good brokers, setting up MT4, etc…

Hie Kichaimsten, welcome to babypips. I must say you are at right place to start learning about trading and its concept. Babypips has so many post and article on trading, you will surly enjoy the learning.

Yes as the best forex trader on the site i will say you are on the right sight, i would not post anywhere else, true to baby pips . I could post on otheres but i dont i like this forum they are ok