Hi, I'm Juliana from Singapore

Hi Guys. I’m new here. Just graduate, gonna learn as much as i can about Forex to help me build up my passive income…

Guidance and advises are well appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks for welcoming me to this world. Le’s do wonders here… :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome, feel free to ask whatever!

Hello and welcome to our forex community! I suggest you start off with a demo account first to get a feel of the markets before risking real money. And don’t forget to track your trade decisions in a journal, too!

thank you. Any suggestions on what softwares that allows me to trade using demo?

Welcome Julia,

Enjoy the forum and feel free to ask. Plenty of people here will try to give you an answer. Saxobank in Singapore has a very well reputed platform, but i think it is a bit too complex. I like to stick to FXCM. Oanda also has a good reputation. The usual platform is mt4. I prefer the platform of fxcm, user friendly and impressive for charting.

I think you should first read the babypips school and take the quiz. It is really the best foundation you would ever find.

Once you do that, I recommend (just as mentioned above) to start with a demo account. May be FxPro is a good broker. I personally use them.

But once you open the demo account there are four things you need to do. 1) Start following the news, I recommend Forex Live for that. 2) Use one trading strategy. There are a number of beginner-friendly trading plans you can find on the forums and the blogs. So choose one and start testing it strictly on the demo. 3) Read in depth about money management ideas. What is risk to reward? what is a system’s winning % and its relation to risk to reward? what are the best ways to protect your capital? How to maximize gains. 4) Master the psychological aspect to the trading. Learn how to stick to your trading strategy when its losing. How to stay strong and allow a trade to reach your stop without getting out to soon. How to stay in a winning trade until its target and not get out too soon. Yet also, how to not get greedy and think you’re trade will keep on going up forever.

Once you find answers to these questions you will see that you sort of have a daily/weekly routine to trading. Only then do you switch to a real account but with small amounts (1000, 2000). From then on it will be luck how smooth your trading journey will be. It normally takes 7 or 8 months to develop your trading routine.