Hi, i'm new here

Hi everyone! I am completely new here. I’m excited about Forex & I’ll love to know all there is to learn. But, I don’t know where or how to start. I’m completely blank! Please help…

sounds really good that you are very excited to learn Forex , just be active on beginners section and trade in a demo account.

Welcome to Babypips! Start learning through the education section here. You’ll learn the basics of forex trading. Open a demo account and practice what you’ve learned.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made many newbies interested in the forex market. When I started to trade forex, there were hardly any people in my acquaintance who traded forex. But now, when I look around, every second person is a forex trader. Looks like everyone now knows how profitable it can be.

You see the education button at the top of the header bar? Click there and get started. Stay open to learn as much as you can from here even if it means you need to spend a few months just learning.