Hi Im Newbie From Malaysia

My name is Natrah .I am from Malaysia. I stumbled across the Forex markets and loved them from day 1. I’m not looking to get rich. Just wanna try another ways to make extra cash.
I’m newbie here and hope to get wise suggestions from others to build own strategy. Wish good luck.

That’s all I got for now! Thank you in advanced.

Hello Welcome. Good luck

Welcome. Good luck.

Are you starting with demo trading?

Hi, Welcome!

Try to work your way through the school: School of Pipsology | Learn Forex Trading

If you finish that you can start to build on your personal strategy.

Good luck!

Complete all the task at Babypips and keep practicing with demo acc.

Hi…thank you very much for all you warm welcome wishes. Currently i am working on school of pipsology notes and quizes. Looking forward to practice with demo acc and real acc later :D.

Hi Natrah! Glad to know you’re making good progress in our School and planning on opening a demo account before trading live. I suggest you also follow the trading blogs to see actual technical/fundamental updates and how these are applied to taking trade setups. See you around!

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