Hi, I'm Stephen

I am just an old man trying my best to think of ways to make ends meet. This is one of them. I live in South Africa and not currently very active. I certainly hope this site will lead me to better days.


Welcome, Stephen. I signed up for babypips two years ago when I was 44. I’m still going through the School of Pipsology and haven’t even started trading yet.

Going through the course has already led me to better days. I’m on my way to mastering the craft of trading and learned so much knowledge and wisdom that I will treasure for life.

I know it can do the same for you.

Learn Forex Trading at School of Pipsology - BabyPips.com

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Hi and welcome.
I second what our colleague playwiththegods says. Be careful with real money. Forex is not a place to start unless you have experienced losses as well as profits. Please follow the BabyPips education at Learn Forex at the top of the page, and open a demonstration account (not real money, like playing monopoly), and do a lot of trial and error stuff before you use your own money. That the Forex risk management taught me about life choices and investment in general was far more useful to me than just in Forex. I trade, but with less than 10% of my overall invested capital, and my timeframe would bore most Forex dealers to death. I work in months and years, not in hours and days. Best of luck and don’t get carried away with dreams of doubling your money every month. It is not real.

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Hello and welcome! This is a great to place to start learning. Enjoy your stay and good luck!

Welcome sir! You’re not alone in this journey. Explore the free resources here, ask questions, and who knows, this might just be the beginning of something great. Wishing you better days ahead!