Hi I'm Steve Baines

My name is Stephen ( Steve ) and I’m from the UK and I’m about to start trading live trading EURUSD exclusively

Hi, welcome on babypips :grinning: What kind of trade you use?

What kind of trade do I use? Not entirely sure what you mean. I will share that I trade the Asian session on the 1M chart though

I mean manual or automatic trade?

manual trading

Hi Steve. EURUSD is a good pair to start with. How long have you been learning how to trade FX?

about 2-3 years. I tried trading during my first year but lost 20% of my capital. since then i’ve focused exclusively on mindset issues and developing my own methodology and processes. i’m now ready to take it live and will be trading starting next Sunday evening ( GMT ). I intend to start a trading journal thread to track progress and answer any questions

:+1: Looking forward to reading your journal.

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Hi steve, from the uk too. Great to hear you worked on some issues and you’re ready to live trade.

Why do you trade the asian session if you’re from the UK? It’s not very convenient is it? Also dont you find the volatility drops in that session?

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@tradeforex077 . All, good points but also good reasons to trade the asian session. i’m sure all will be discussed when my trading journal thread goes live next Sunday. keep an eye out for it!

Lol, sounds a bit complex. It might have been easier to just to have started with your ‘journal thread’ rather than introduce yourself. As you’re probably going to end up saying it’ll all be discussed next week.

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@tradeforex077 yeah, well. I was just following the sugestion from the welcome message to introduce myself :grinning::grinning:

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Mmmmm I will be curious to see your reasoning for trading the EUR/USD in the Asian Session. I live in the Asian region and I wont trade that session. I find it is nothing more than an accumulation session for smart money.



Hello and welcome Stephen! Have you started your trading journal? Looking forward to it!