Hi My Name is Dee

My name is Delani a and aka Dee ,I am very new to all this and I know I have a very long way to go. I started learning about Forex online last year today finally completed my babypips.com training. I Have recently quit my job to focus on trading full time.I belive I am a natural scalper as I lack patience and have ability to act decisively within reasonable time. I would appreciate advice from traders who are consistently making profit in forex. I have not started live trading yet and have been demo trading for the past 4 months

If there anyone from South Africa in here please halla.

Thank you.


Are you interested in forex trading…daily profit will be 4-8%…various deposit methods…withdraw your money any time.Minimum to start $100.
skype : nex.fin

Daily profit WILL be 4-8%. W0w !!! How are you so sure ? What methodology /trading strategy /plan are you using? Why adv here when you can do it yourself ? Are you a broker ?

Hello Dee. Do you have a trading plan ? Do you mind sharing it here ?