Hi New Newbie in town!

Same post as on meetpips.com, I like more that site but it makes me feel so lonely now at beginning :smiley:


I’m a new newbie to forex and wanted to say hello here too. I started trading 3 moths ago, first with demo accounts then with small micro real accounts, even before I heard about the School of Pipsology.

Tired of loosing, I realized I have to learn more in order to make money in this business and my best friend Google told me about babypips.com. I started to go through the lessons day by day. The way they are presented with many jokes and funny pictures made the reading a lot easier. A big thank you to the people who wrote this. I used to use the same method of making jokes when I was presenting technical boring training to maintain the attention of the people in front of me. The same effect the School of Pipsology had on me too.

Unfortunately, or luckily, I didn’t listen all the advises though. I continued to trade live and guess what? Somewhere between Elementary school and High School, I stopped losing. Well, I should be sincere about it it, I was still loosing all my money from the live account but at least I was doing it more slowly :smiley:

I don’t mind the losses, as I didn’t listen to the capital related advice neither. In a sick way, they motivated me to continue to learn and realize how much more I need to learn in this business.

Now, that I went through almost all the lessons I’m confident I’ll slowly start to improve my trading to hopefully break even in the following weeks. I’ve even created a risk management spreadsheet for myself, which I’ll share it in the next post.

As always, in the last couple of months, I can’t wait for Monday to start so I can use my new trading skills that I’ve learned through the weekend.

Lets see how this goes :slight_smile:

Will keep you posted if you want.

Welcome to the community.