Hi! New to Forex

Hi Everyone!

It has been a long time goal for me to learn and Trade, hence, why I am here today after being recommended by a friend. Hoping to start my education here and progress into this new arena.
I am keen and focused to push on and make this a secondary source of income for my family and I.

Looking forward to learn from you all!


Forex is speculative, and no guarantees ever. Never an income stream, because you can win sometimes and lose sometimes. 90% of Newbies will lose more than win. Learn how to control your risk exposure, which is critical.

It’s hard work learning how to trade properly, so prepare yourself for the long haul - it will take months to even become a breakeven trader which should be your first goal.

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I really appreciate this Steve. Appreciate the point in direction. that’s the first goal I will make for myself. I’ve started the Education curriculum on this site so will go through it and supplement with other material I dig up in the forum and on the www before I get into it. Knowledge is power as I’ve read in this forum over and over again.
Are there any key things during my learning phase that I should put more time and effort into comprehending?

Welcome! You have made the right decision. But now you will have to dedicate plenty of time to your learning and practising if you want to make the most of your trading career.