Hi. Newbie to Forex World

Hi All

My name is Lee im from South Africa. I’m very new to the forex game, like so new i need to crawl before i can walk new.

I want to get into trading as an extra income for my family.

I hope to learn a lot from everyone here.

Hi and welcome, crawling is the best way to start :slight_smile:

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most welcome in this forum , its a most friendly from we have from all , i hope you will enjoy everything with great level of learning.

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welcome to baby pips
, i agree with Treeny that crawling is the most appropriate way to start .

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you can surely learn alot from here. Keep up the spirit and the motivation.

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learning is more important , i know , but should trade also in a demo account , because demo is the master place to become a knowledgeable trader very rapidly.

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I’m in the process of learning what forex is and how to become a trader. I have 0 knowledge other than you trade currencies.

everyone has 0 knowledge when kick off this trading place , try to learn from psychology of school which is mainly considered as a best place for acquiring all knowledge and information.

I’m going through the School of Pipsology. what do you mean by “try to learn from psychology of school”?

Welcome to the world of trading. You can definately earn extra income for your family. Be sure to select a good broker and have information about the trading conditions and major events.

Hello from Nepal!

Hi Lee. You`re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

That is so great! Even I started trading, to earn some extra income for my family. I will advice you to scribble on the demo account first for a while before switching to live account. All the Best!